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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 3, 2012 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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>> sean: that's all the time we have left. thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled, greta's next. we'll see frudenver, after the debate, tomorrow night. >> greta: tonight, controversial and now complete video of president obama surfaces. you are about to coo parts of a speech that have never been seen, in the unedited video. he accuses the u.s. government of short-changing hurricane katrina victims. why? then senator obama says it's incompetence and then implies racism. he was speak to go an odd yins of african-american ministers at the virginia hampton university. tick a look. >> down in new orleans, where they still have not rebuilt 20 months later, there is a federal law when you get reconstruction
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money from the federal government, called the stafford act. and basically, it says, when you get federal money, have you to give a 10% match. the local government's got to come up with 10%. every $10 the federal government comes up with, the local government's got to give a dollar. now, here's the thing. when 9/11 happened in new york city, they waived the stafford act. said this is too serious a problem, we can't expect new york city to rebuild on its own. forget that dollar have you to put in. here's $10. that was the right thing to do. when hurricane andrew struck in florida, people said, look at this devastation. we don't expect to you come up with your money, here. here's the money to rebuild. we are not going to wait for to you scratch it together because you are part of the american family. what's happening down in new
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orleans? where's your dollar? where's your stafford act mony? makes no sense. tells me the bullet hasn't been taken out. tells me that somehow the people down in new orleans, they don't care about as much. >> greta: now, that was part of the speech that was not reported on in the 2008 presidential campaign. other parts were covered, but they were still controversial. one example, then senator obama, praising his controversial pastor reverend jeremiah wright. this was just three months after he cancelled him from giving a prayer in his 2007 presidential announcement. >> i have to give a special shoutout to my pastor, the guy who puts up with me, counsels me, listens to my wife complain about me...
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he's a friend and a great leader, not just -- [overlapping dialogue] >> please, everybody, give an extraordinary welcome to my pastor, dr. reverend jeremiah wright jr. where's he at? there he is. that's -- that's him. that's him right there. >> greta: now, with this newly surfaced complete video have any impact on the race? former speaker of the house is here, newt gingrich. >> good to be with you. >> greta: i am curious whether you think the complete tapeville any impact whatsoever on the race? >> oh, i think it has some impact. it's a little bit like joe biden saying, they want to put you back in chains. it's a reminder of the depth of dishonesty, the appeals to
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racism, the factual false hoods that are at the heart of the modern left. what then senator obama said was factually false. new orleans got far more money than new york tea and a great deal of mon that he was not matched by the stafford act. the process of the federal government taking care of the people of new orleans, in fact, was far larger because of the problem was much larger. huan entire city that was a disaster, as opposed to the immediate crisis of 9/11 and the world trade center. but factual inaccuracies are at the heart of the modern left. if they have to rely on the facts, they will lose every time. so they just routinely engage in demagoguery, which the vice-president did today, talking about the middle class. all of this is the same stuff, a consistent pattern of fundamental dishonesty and appeals to race nways that the press ought to be making totally discredited. >> greta: i have a slightly different view of it. i think if this were the year
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2008 tmight have a greater impact. but we have had a chance now, 3 1/2 years of a president obama administration. you either love it, hate it or you are indifferent. now he has a record. back in 2007, i think that we put him under the microscope -- as we should any candidate, particularly him because we knew so little about him. he wasn't in the public eye for a long time. now, though, i would expect the people are making decisions, are you better off than you were 3 1/2 years ago? is the world safer? do you think we are going in the right direction? those type of questions. his record has a far greater impact than when he said in 2007, but i could be wrong. >> sure, sure. i agree with you. i don't think this particularly speech is definitive, but it's a reminder obenghazi, for example, you have the same pattern of dishonesty in the obama white house that you had in the speech from 2007. the amazing thing is the degree
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to which the elite media tries to avoid all of this. they didn't cover it in twint 07. they don't want to cover it in 2012. but have you seen literally in 2 1/2 weeks aircraft pattern of breath-taking dishonesty with the record. take a look at the actual facts that are coming out about when we learn things in libya and what this administration has said to us and it's a record that is filled with fundamental, basic dishonesty. >> greta: in that speech, i sat through the whole speech tonight. i went through the 2007 speech, quite lengthy and it's online, he talks about poverty. he talks about the inner city. when you hear tyou think that poverty's such a huge problem in it country, for so many people, whether you are the one enduring it or paying for tit's a crisis in this country, he talks about how important it is. yet, you know, in this race, you hear nothing about the inner cities.
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you hear nothing -- anybody who's had poverty, whether that person's life has changed in the last 3 1/2 years, i don't see any of it? >> in fact, it's worse than that. if you take -- if you assume for a minute that his desires to help people were real, he is a total, abject failure. 100% of the american people are paying more for gasoline today that. hurts everybody, but particularly hurts the poor. the unemployment rate particularly hurts minorities and particularly hurts younger minority number members. so his failure economically hurts everybody. the degree to which he is piling up debt, which is absorbing tax money that could have gone to school, health care, now it will pay interest on the debt, that hurts everybody. in many way, it is almost sad to look at the speech and realize the degree to which he has failed to achieve any of the goals he implied were his goals in 2007. >> greta: he did say he was going to get health care.
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that, he did do, whether you like it or not. but one thing, you speak about the debt, what he said -- and he was rather sarcastic about politicians in this speech. what he said, in part, don't worry about trillions of dollars in debt, someone else will pay. he was being sarcastic about politician who is have no concern about the debt. now, you fast-forward to now, in the last 3 years, $1.3 trillion and nobody -- he is want working on t. capital hill is not working on t. we are return running up the debt. we have no idea with sequesterations and the tax cuts. this is what he promised in 2007 as a candidate. he thought it was important then? >> i look -- i think this is a candidate who said he wanted to bring us together and gave speeches like this, that are clearly divisive. there isny way you can listen and not hear it as a deliberately divisive speech
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that pits americans against each other, and largely with racial innuendos that are very, very clear when you hear the speech. >> greta: let me talk about a gaffe, the one you spoke b. the offender is today -- vice-president joe biden. who is that gaffe isn't vice-president outright admit that this middle class has been buried the last four years. and his opponent, paul ryan, jumping all over that comment. >> this is deadly ernest. how they can justify -- how they can justify raising taxes to the middle class who has been buried the last four years -- how in lord's name, can they justify raiding their taxes with these tax cuts? >> vice-president biden just today said that the middle class, over the last four years has been, quote, buried. we agree. that means we need to stop
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digging, by electing mitt romney the next president of the united states. [cheers and applause] of course, the middle clationz class has been buried, they are buried by regulations and buried by taxes and borrowing, they are being buried by the obama administration's economic failures. >> greta: so will the obama campaign take a political hit with that one, mr. speaker? it's dangerous to talk these days? >> look, it's pretty hard to take anything joe biden says seriously. but if you look at it from -- there are two parts to t. he admits that in the last four years, that's the obama years, the middle class has been buried. highest price of gasoline in the history. hits the middle class. the unemployment rate hits the middle class. the debt being piled up, hits the middle class. but then he goes on to say something which is frankly nutty. no republican is proposing a tax
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increase in the middle class. none, zero. there are no proposals to raise taxes on the middle class. who is proposing to raise taxes? obama? who has a whole range of tax increases in obamacare? obam a. biden pivots and charges the republicans with something totally false, after having atd mitted that in the time he was vice-president, the middle class was buried. i agree with paul ryan's characterization. buried by tax, buried by unemployment and buried by reg iewdle, it's buried by debt and a variety of government actions, under obama and biden. i am sure that he wishes he hadn't said it. but joe biden in that case, was sharing an insight into what's happened. >> greta: two-part question. what is the one question president obama doesn't want to be asked tomorrow nit. >> sean: here's at this time question i don't think you want to answer. what is the one question governor romney doesn't want to be asked? >> you are so much more clever
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than i am. it had not occurred to me to try to come with -- come up with that. i suspect that obama will go after rom flee on the whole, why don't you release your taxes and the personal stuff because that seems to be the heart of the campaign. i think that governor romney ought to ask the president, how does he justify running for re-election with an economy this bad, policies this failed, and his complaint inability to bring washington together to get anything done? i think the more romney can stick to the facts, the more trouble obama will be in tomorrow night. >> greta: what do you expect tomorrow night, in terms -- if people think this will be a huge event? or is this one debate of many, it is chipping away? and what is interesting, i think that afterwards, the pundits and the analysts -- and maybe i will be doing it, calling calling whd who lost? >> look, i think it's a very clear-cut situation. romney has to go in and be very
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clear and very factual and stick to his grounds. he has to recognize he's up against the incumbent president. obama will try to over-awe him. romney has to be able to stick straight, not flinch, not back off and recognize he will be double teamed. the fact is, jim lehrer is part of the cultural left. so romneyville to communicate pastlerrer and past obama to reach the american people. if he does that, i think he could have a very good night. i think you could see a very different races by thursday morning. >> greta: why do you think jim lehrer will be unfair? he has the spotlight on him. i mean, you know, he -- i assume he will try his best to be fair? >> he will try his best to be fair. i am not saying he is partisan. i am saying he comes out of a news media culture, the whole network of where he lives and operates, what he does, which has the assumptions of the left and which asks questions on the
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framework of the left. they are very often ntheir mind being totally neutral, when they ask request questions that clearly reflect the biases of the left. that's a key part of this. >> greta: do you think that in general, moderates try to pit one candidate against another, to generate a spark in order to generate news? >> i think all too often, moderators try to play gotcha and be clever. the show becomes can the moderator look intelligent? i would much prefer to see debates with no moderator, there was a time keeper and the co2 candidates controlled the whole thing and had to talk without -- who can tell you 90 minutes, what's the right question to ask? i think you would be better off to have the candidates ask each other other, lincoln and douglas debated with a time keeper, not a moderator. >> greta: you know, unfortunately, what happens in all of this, you try to get a
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snapshot of the candidates in 90 minutes. but from the debate, it is true -- if either candidate makes a gaufer, that's the one we are going to play a million times, whatever it is. last night in massachusetts, senator brown and elizabeth warren. they both said something goofy. viseen that or heard that a billion times. that's regrettably, the unfortunate part. but the viewers get tow watch the whole thing. >> i think if the viewer tunes in, it is a chance to see both people side by side. the great danger for an incumbent president is, if the challenger comes off as being competent in that setting, all of a sudden, the challenger's elevated to being equal of the incumbent. i think incumbent presidents have more at risk than do the challengers. >> greta: is it smart to engage your opponent, or do you just deal with the moderator? do you turn to the opponent and say, look, challenge that one? >> i think you are better off to talk straight to the american people. not even talking to the
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moderator, talking to the american people. one of the most famous lines, back to your point, about clever lines was ronald reagan saying, i am not going to let my opponent's youth and inexperience count against him. everybody broke up laughing because he had taken the issue of his own age and turned it over and if you look at walter mondale's eyes, he knows he has lost the election and reagan has ended that debate. sometimes, it does come down to a magic moment that comes to characterize the whole debate. >> greta: you will watch our midnight show "on the record," the special? >> absolutely. i want to find out what you said about it. >> greta: speaker, i hope i don't call the race. who knows, i am -- i can make that blunder. >> i am going to watch you tomorrow night and tweet. >> greta: thank you. >> straight ahead, just revealed video from president obama from 2007, the unedited speech is parking controversy. you will hear from congressman
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>> greta: a complete video of president obama's speech in a june 2007, then presidential candidate obama, veering off script and making statements that some say are racially charged. we are showing you the parts of the speech that you have never seen before. >> down in new orleans... where they still have not rebuilt, 20 months later... there is a law -- federal law when you get reconstruction money from the federal government called the stafford
1:21 am
act. and basically, it says, when you get federal money, have you to give a 10% match. the local government's got to come up with 10%. every $10 the federal government comes up with, local government's got to give a dollar. now, here's the thing, when 9/11 happened in new york city... they waived the stafford act, said this is too serious a problem, we can't expect new york city to rebuild on its own -- forget that dollar you have to put in. we will -- here's $10. that was the right thing to do. whether hurricane andrew struck in florida, people said, look at this devastation! we don't expect to you come up with your own money, here! here's the money to rebuild. we won't wait for to you scratch it together because you are part of the american family. what is happening down in new orleans? where's your dollar?
1:22 am
where's your stafford act money? makes no sense. tells me the bullet hasn't been taken out. [applause] tells me that somehow the people down in new orleans, they don't care about as much. >> greta: congressman allen west is here. good evening. >> good evening. how are you? >> greta: good. was that racially charge audio that discussion? and if so, is there any impact? >> well, i will tell you first of all, having been born and raised in georgia, i am very surprise that the incredible southern accept that the president who was born in high high and grew up in chicago, was able to command. that's very interesting to me. but do i think there is a tinge of racially motivated comments that he is making this. when you start to compare, you know, new orleans to september 11, and new york, and then also the hurricane andrew, i mean, you are trying to play on people's worst fears and emotions, which is a sense of separation. the only thing that comes out of
1:23 am
this, i believe what everyone knows, when the president gets off script and the teleprompter, you see a different type of president. we saw that just recently in virginia, when he got off his script in rone oak and started talking about small business owners didn't build that. he had to retract that. but i think that, you know, what's the so what of this video? i don't think it's going to really go anywhere. what is most concerning to me is the fact that right now, we don't have voting ballots going to our services members. we have a president who said he will use taxpayer dollars to make up the difference for the centuries pay for sequestration for defense contractors. we don't know what happened in benghazi and libya and we have men and women being killed in afghanistan in green-on-blue shootings. we don't have a defensive policies in the middle-east. those are the things we need to be talking about, as well as the $16 trillion of debt that
1:24 am
continues to grow. >> greta: it's interesting. we seem to measure our candidates by what they say, and not so much by what they do or what they promise or have failed to do. it really -- i mean tsims like the dialogue is what they have said. we try to descraw a motive. >> we need to understand, what's the criteria to start looking and evaluating people by? when i look at -- i have a simple thing that i have here with me. i shared -- >> greta: the microphone -- >> my simple thing that i carry with me are my data cards. there are 10 economic indicators there. look at unemployment, gas prices, debt per person and the insurance premiums and the amount of food stamp recipiens and look at the americans going in poverty. i think that that is a great criteria we need to starts looking at the president and evaluating himg on because it goes from what it was on inauguration day and updated each month. when you explain that to the american people, they know that things are not going well for
1:25 am
them. that's how we should be evaluating the president. that's what the president should be talking about, as far as the failures of his policies. >> greta: why have food stamp recipiens jumped from 32 million when he took off -- office to 47.4 million? is it because we are more generous, we have become poorer or we are handing out things? >> i think that's a great question to ask the president tomorrow night in the debate. how -- why has there been this 46% increase since inauguration day? is it that your policies are failing? when we start to look and see that we have 23 million americans that are unemployed, under-employed or discouraged workers. when you combine that with 9.3 million americans more in poverty. that's a 46-year high. when you have a 31-year high -- low for workforce participation rate. are we creating the conditions and the policies for people to be able to get out there and work and find employment?
1:26 am
or are we driving them to a dependency society? your numbers are dismal for the president. as i scan the numbers. they are not good numbers. why do you think it is president is doing so well in the polls if it is so descreery? >> no one's talking about that. no one is talking about -- this is what has happened over your time period. no one's tying that back to the policies. everybody's say that this policies have failed. but not why. if people knew that gas prices were $1.84 on inauguration day and they are close to $4 and if you go to exxon, by the kennedy center, over $5, then ask people, how many tens of thousands of dollars you spend additional negasoline prices. looking at the grocery stores with the carton of eggs, gallon of milk, food prices, we are in a state of inflation. no one is bringing that up.
1:27 am
hopefully, we start to hear those points tomorrow night. >> greta: thank you. >> always a pleasure. >> greta: coming up, could this june 2007 video have any impact at all or is it a bump in the road? our political panel tackles that next. and donald trump is here. what is his debate advice for mitt romney? have you to hear this. [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be cool if we took the nissan altima and reimagined nearly everything in it? gave it greater horsepower and best in class 38 mpg highway... advanced headlights... and zero gravity seats? yeah, that would be cool. ♪ introducing the completely reimagined nissan altima. it's our most innovative altima ever. nissan. innovation that excites. ♪
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>> greta: president obama goes off script, his off-the-cuff remarks surfacing in a just released video. in an impassioned speech in 2007, candidate obama suggested that racism was to blame for hurricane katrina response. he then praised his pastor, reverend jeremiah wright, calling him a friend and a great leader. he also said this. >> transportation assistance... low-income workers spend up to 36% of their incomes on transportation. some of them spending two hours each way, commuting back and forth from work. that's i didn't will fight to insure that the federal job acts system provide grants to improve low-income access to transportation. that's why we need additional federal public transportation dollars to the highest need community. we don't need to build more
1:31 am
highways to the suburbs if we have people in the cities who want to work and have no way to get those jobs. we have to help to connect them to the jobs that exist. we should be investing in minority-owned businesses in our neighborhoods so people don't have to travel from miles away. >> greta: joining us, our political panel, rick klein, and kim strosesle and byron york. byron, first to you? >> there is a big debate about whether it's really even news. one thing that is interesting about this campaign, the bar for news has been kind of low. there was a period in this campaign, where a lot of people were consumed on whether the "n" word hab painted on a rock outside ever a farm that rick peri's family had rented many years ago. there was a question about whether romney's cut another kid's hair in high school. if someone wants to threatt as news, they can.
1:32 am
i do think in this case, since being president of 100% of america is emerges as an issue after mitt romney's 47% question and if you have a president who seems to be making kind of a racial appeal in front of a black group, referring to our people and our neighborhoods -- that's certainly fair game for conversation. >> greta: kim? >> this is the big problem for mr. obama, is that he has gone, one of the things that has been his huge benefit in this entire four years is his likeability. people like him. they believed what he said in 2008 that he was going to try to being a president for everyone and they fundamentally believe that today. so to the extent that this is news and he does look at though he is more of that mold of obama that was in the reverend wright church that put people back off in 2008, that does resurrect this discussion and it comes on the top of the eve of a very big
1:33 am
debate and it will dominate the news cycle. >> it's striking. it is hard to on watch that and be struck by the fact that the president doesn't talk like that -- his cadence, his phraseology, these are words he wouldn't use. but i don't think this is how the election's going to be determined. i don't think for undecided voters, old video from early in his campaign, when a lot of people were not paying attention will be something they latch on to. if you are inclined not to like president obam ayou will find more things to not like. but if you are undecided and voted for him four years ago, you will decide whether to go with him or not, based on your perceptions of him now, and your life situation and the world situation. it is not like the country doesn't know who this guy is. >> greta: i think that it provides markers to compare what it was in 2007. he said, young men and women without hope, without miracles and a sense of destiny, other than life on the edge, the edge of the law, the edge of the
1:34 am
community and family central americas and despair. >> you can hold him to those words. he has a record. he has been president. specifically on the issue of black unemployment, which is about 15% right now. it's extraordinarily high. has it gotten better under president obama? >> but this is a credibility question. there are a lot of people who wonder if what president obama says is what happened fhe tells the straight story on a day-to-day basis. i think what this video goes to -- mitt romney will bring this up tomorrow night. he will talk about the statements that the president made about his own tax plans and the things that the president's on the record, whether or not he has been truthful. he will bring up a video like this and he will ask the question about whether or not the president, who presents himself as the guy who represents everyone is really the guy who ran in 2008 and who he is now. >> i am interested it see that. i would be curious to know if mitt romney will bring it up. he will be asked about it. if not in the debate, another
1:35 am
appearance. does he want to go where john plk cane, famously didn't go. >> sure! >> he has to make a calculation of whether or not it helps the campaign. if you are the romney folk, i am not sure you plan it out this way. obviously, potentially, it is potentially more damaging to mitt romney. but does he want to own this and make the same argument? john mccain had that opportunity and decided not to do it. >> i think you do it subtly and go to the credibility thing -- >> greta: you do it without getting caught. do you it without getting caught? >> i don't see him being asked about this tomorrow. >> greta: i don't know. but it will be interesting. of course, you will be watching our midnight show, right? stand by, panel. we will be back. but up next, the presidential debate is like a big job interview. what does governor romney have to do to be hired? the world's most famous boss,
1:36 am
donald trump is here. in 90 second, have you seen part of president obama's speech. what do you think of that controversial speech? we will give you another look. then we want to hear from you. it is just 90 seconds away.
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email marketing from constant contact reaches people in a place they're checking every day -- their inbox. and it gives you the tools to create custom emails that drive business. it's just one of the ways constant contact can help you grow your small business. sign up for your free trial today at >> greta: president obama goes off script and now he is taking lots of heat. now you have seen it, candidate obama in 2007, in a passionate speech to the audience, with
1:38 am
reverend jeremiah wright. then he veers from the prepared remarks, comparing hurricane katrina to other national tragedies and then says that the federal government doesn't care as much about the hurricane victims in new orleans. >> what is happening down in new orleans? where's your dollar? where is your stafford act mony? makes no sense. tells me the bullet hasn't been taken out. tells me that somehow the people down in new orleans -- they don't care about as much. >> greta: so what do you think about then senator obama's speech in go to gretawire and tell us. we are back in 90 seconds.
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>> i'm ainsley earhardt. the state department voicing concern over a lack of cooperation between the u.s. and libyan investigators. the statement comes three weeksar the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. libya's president saying tuesday, they welcome u.s. investigators, but the fbi says it's too dangerous for its agents to reach benghazi. the september 11 attack killed u.s. ambassador christopher stevens and three others. the whistle-blower in the case against jerry sandusky, suing the university for million, claiming that the university's handling of the case caused him
1:41 am
distress and embarrassment. he maintains that he told the school he witnessed sandusky abusing a boy in 2001. sandoveningy was convicted on 45 counts of sexual abuse. i'm ainsley earhardt. now back to "on the record" with greta. has debate advice for governor mitt romney. we spoke with donald trump earlier. nice to talk to you. >> hi, greta. >> greta: all right. i read your twitter account all the time, apparently, you have lots of followers -- >> lots. >> greta: lots indeed. one of your recent tweets is, if president obama mentions governor mitt romney's tax returns in tomorrow's debate, then governor romney should ask for president obama's college records and applications. you really think he should do ha? >> absolutely. i don't know that he will. i hope he does. maybe one of the mod raters will do t. it's a question that she we should know and an answer we should know. he is supposed to be the transparent president.
1:42 am
he is the least transparent president in the history this country. many people have done it. many people have given those records and many presidents have given them. there would be nothing wrong with him going it. >> greta: suppose it's the modserator and president obama is just fine with the number of tax returns that governor rom romney has turned over and it's the modserator, jim lehrer, who says tdo you want governor romney to blurt out, i want to see his college records? >> i don't know if they are going to be just fine f. he knew he had to do this, he would be just fine f. president obama knew he had to give these records and application, i think he would never mention the word tax return. they have gone after mitt romney to a fair 3 well f. it were me, i would say, i will give all the returns you want, let's see your passport records, your college records and let's see your college applications. that would be one of the great trade it's ever! >> greta: what do you expect to see? if you saw mine, you will would see i had a really rough time
1:43 am
with anthropology and a few other courses? >> the applications would be very, very revealing from three different colleges and i think would be very repealing. don't forget, when he wrote a book, a number of years ago, on the cover of the book, given by him, it said, born in kenya, raised in indkneesia. i think it would be very interesting to say, the publisher agreed with haand a day later, he said, oh, i'm sorry, that was a typographical error. i don't think kenya/indonesia is a typographicical error. so if i were mitt and he kept harping on the tax returns, which are ridiculous, because he has given so many already and they are 100% fine. i would sergeant say, i will give my tax returns, let's see your college applications, your college records and also your passport records. i think that would be very repeal -- revealing. >> greta: you haven't given up on one particular issue. but i will move on.
1:44 am
what other advice do you have for governor romney? >> he has to be very tough, very sharp, very smart, which he is. and i think he is really got to put a very strong foot forward because they are playing a dirty game of pool. they are being nasty, fortunately, he doesn't say nice person. he used to say nice man, the president is such a nice man. he doesn't say that becausely is going through attacks that are, in many cases, very, very unfair. i think he has to be very, very tough, very, very forthright and talk about jobs and the economy. he has to talk about what china is doing to us. talk about what opec is doing to us and gasoline prices and other things. but those should be and that should be the focus. >> greta: all right. two other tweets that you had. one earlier today, where you mentioned the chinese and say they are hacking white house computers. why not? they already own the place. that's the first one. the second one has to do with
1:45 am
this solo power. it says that president obama loves waving our money. he made a guarantee of $197 million to a solar company, cronyism. why do you say that? >> well, it is. if you look at the people -- whether it's solyndra, they are big supporters of his, i would say that cronyism. solyndra was $500 million plus. you are talking about tremendous cronyism, the owner of the company, everybody that was involved was involved with the white house, many visits to the white house. as far as china, you look at what they are doing -- i mean, we owe them much more than $twenty1 trillion, and yeast, they take advantages of us at every step. you can say, they own the white house. >> greta: you know, it's interesting, as i listen to you and all the interviews we have done, i know you disagree with the president politically, what i also take away from this, even using the terms cronyism, you think he's a bad guy and
1:46 am
politically motivated. it is not that he has a different ideology, but you take it one step further? >> well, i think he is somebody that is interesting. i think it's amazing, you know from the way things worked out for him -- and i respect that greatly. i always respect success in a person. when a person is successful, i give them their due. certainly, he has become very successful. he has become the president of the united states. a lot of people question a lot of things. i am just somebody eye have seen it all -- being in the real estate business in new york, have you seen things that maybe a lot of other people haven't seen. frankly, i really believe that mitt is going to have to be extremely tough, extremely sharp, not nice necessarily nthis debate. he has to talk about things that a lot of people are not talking enough about. that's jobs and the economy. you know, we really have probably a 21% unemployment rate. not 8.2%. it's probably 21 because the way
1:47 am
they figure it is so ridiculous. if you are looking for a job and you give up, you are taken off the rolls and it doesn't show up. our real number could be 21%. thins like that have to be discussed and very strongly, during the debate. >> greta: do you think that the 21% are likely to be president obama or governor mitt romney voters? 21% that you are talking about? >> a lot of them will be president obama supporters. that's to me, just incredible. you look at inner city. the inner cities of this country are -- for the most part going to be voting for president obam a. yet they have a 50% unmome -- employment rate. you explain that to me. >> sean: >> greta: one thing, i have seen neither candidate go to the inner cities. they go to the swing states, although a loot of swing states have the so-called inner city. but i don't see either candidate talking about the inner cities at all. >> president obama has done nothing for the inner city. so the various inner cities, and
1:48 am
there are plenty of them and they are all in trouble. so it's amazing to me how he is getting most of those votes. >> greta: what will have more viewers "the apprentice" or the debate? >> the debates will be amazing. i am going on europe and i postponed it until 12:00 because i want to see the debate. this debate -- and by the way, "the apprentice" has been a real juggernaut. it's ark mazing. but this debate will have tremendous viewership. people have been waiting for this. it's a very close election. but mitt will really have to step up, like he did in florida. he did an amazing job. he went to florida, under the gun. he was really in trouble. he stepped up, which showed to me he can handle pressure very well. he stepped up and won both debates and then won florida. that was the best political week, in my opinion, of his life, so far. hopefully this, will be a great
1:49 am
week. i think this will be very, very important. by the way, for both parties. >> greta: donald, thank you very much. >> thank you very much, greta. >> greta: state ahead, whose team is vice-president joe biden on? president obama will want to take joe biden to the wood shed. take joe biden to the wood shed. and our political panel returns. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness?
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>> this is deadly ernest, man. how they can justify -- how they can justify raising taxes on the middle-class that has been buried the last 4 years... >> greta: vice-president joe biden getting into trouble on the campaign trail. did he do any political damage?
1:53 am
scw and how did the romney team do with his quick response? okay, rick. that was a rough one to recover from. >> it is. i mean -- >> greta: you know, it's just rough. >> who has been in charge the last four years is the obvious question. the romney campaign was nimble and immediately sent paul ryan -- >> greta: do you have to be nimble on this, really? >> no of this was teed up. clearly, he misspoke, it's a gaffe, all of that. you know with joe biden you are going to get a handsful of these -- maybe every week. but the soft spot for president obama is that the record for the last four years is not one he can be particularly proud of. he is running on the clinton economy, more than he is on his own -- >> greta: in other words, they were buried -- >> well, whatever -- whatever -- whatever word you want to use, there are not a lot of things to point to in the economic numbers that make you feel good about t. he clarified and said it's because of the romney and ryan
1:54 am
policies that they were buried over the larger period than four yierz, but it's a bad comment. it's the four years that you are going to have president obama trying to defend -- tomorrow night. >> the problem is, joe biden talked about the one thing he was not supposed to talk about on the campaign. this is what the obama administration has been militant about -- they want to talk about the bad things of the bush administration and the things they may do in the future that will make them better. they don't want to talk about the last four years, in particular the fact that there arguably has know been a worse times for the middle class than in the past four years. >> this is the message they were trying to send. i saw a word analysis of the republican and the democratic convention. the words middle class mp used 10 time more at the democratic convention. he completely stepped -- >> greta: what would possess him to do that one? to say that the middle class was buried the last four years. even if he said 10 years, he would be better off. any other number, so they can
1:55 am
imply that it's a long-term thing. why did he have to do that? >> here's the other thing that i think is arguably problematic, the context of the quote was taxes. and this is a tease of the romney campaign, they have come out and they are making a big push on the obama coringment, saying that mitt romney is going on raise taxes and the romney campaign has their own ad saying it's the obama administration that given its spending plans, will be the administration that has no choice but to raise taxes on the middle class. so they are going to take that and run with it. >> greta: byron, you are going to go there tomorrow? >> have you to see what is happening. this is a really, really big deal. reporters mostly go out there now because most reporters are not in the room when they are having the debate. you are not watching in person. guthere because all the campaign staff is in one place and you get to talk to everybody. >> greta: we will be watching you. panel, thank you. >> coming up, the last call, there is a new sign that the economy has a long way to g. you probably haven't thought of this
1:56 am
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash studio lights it's time for last call this, just in. there is good news and bad news about china here is jay leno. >> well, white house confirmed today yes, chinese hackers over the weekend infiltrated government computers. and in fact they're going to commit identity theft until they saw how low our credit rating was. no. this isn't going to work. stealing a maxed out credit card. not going to work. >> greta: that is your last call. thank you for being with us tonight. we'll see you again tomorrow night after the presidential debate. join us in a two special times first 10:30 p.m. eastern, then at midnight. you don't want to miss the special hour of "on the record" at midnight. get coffee. go to greta and let us


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